The promoters have directly invited 25 artists who will be revealed day by day.

An open call will be on from May 23st to May 31th 2020: “a call to artistic arms” to participate and donate artworks open to all women artists and to everyone who feels so, as far as they are of age and living and creating on our Mother Earth.

The promoters will choose 50 artworks among those sent during the call for approximatively 75 artworks to be on auction.

Participation is free of charge. To take part in the project the artists shall send a written desire to do so to the mail address receiving an answer with all information on how to send photo and details about the artwork and themselves.

By May 31st 2020, these additional information must be sent by the artists donating their work:

Short artist’s bio (65 words max)

Artwork description/concept/media (65 words max)

Artwork dimensions in centimeters.

Image file of the work in jpg format with the following resolution (if in doubt, send in high resolution or contact us):

1000 px X 1000 px format (including white layer around) as in example 1: a white layer of 1000 x 1000 px where you can add above it a second layer with your work using measures given in example 2 and example 3

format 610 x 770 width by height (without white layer around) for vertical works as in example 2

format 760 x 610 width by height (without white layer around) for horizontal works as in example 3

In order to manage shipment and shipping costs in charge to the bidder please write in the document we will send you the location where the artwork is and will be shipped from and its total overall dimensions is it to say the total volume and weight to be shipped included proper protection.


Example 1 with white layer and horizontal work (for vertical works, 195 px is on right and left sides)
Example 2 – 610 large x 770 high without white border
Example 3 – 760 large x 610 high without white border